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Leading the Parade

Leading the ParadeLeading the Parade: Conversations with America’s Most Influential Lesbian and Gay Men

by Paul Cain

Forward by Jack Nichols

Published by Scarecrow Press (Rowman & Littlefield)

Published in 2006
Nonfiction (history)
402 pages; appendix, index

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The HIC is proud to feature interview transcriptions from this text with permission from the author.

Abstract from the cover of the book

Lesbians and gay men undeniably occupy a very different place in American society than they did in the mid-1940s.

Leading the Parade traces the evolution of the gay and lesbian movement through the personal profiles and stories of nearly forty individuals whose daring efforts changed gay and straight America and society’s attitude toward homosexuality in the twentieth century.

Paul D. Cain traveled the country interviewing these artists, activists, and pioneers to shed light on the courage and intellect that has resulted in a more accepting worldview of homosexuality.