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Open letter to Patricia Nell Warren about her article on Mormons, gays, and marriage

Billy GloverDecember 1, 2008.

Regarding a recent Bilerico Blog post by Patricia Nell Warren on “Marriage, Polygamy, and Gays”:

Only by accident, thanks to the link I found on Daily Queer News, did I know of the information in your Bilerico article on the plans of the Mormon church, Muslims, and radical “Christians” to seek, to (essentially) eliminate DOMA so that they can have polygamy.

I hate to complain about the messenger, but this is extremely important information, and obviously I would think every part of our media would be talking about it — certainly since it is these groups that seek to keep marriage from homosexuals. So why is this not covered elsewhere and before? Did the people supposedly working on the No on 8 campaign know of this aspect? I don’t understand why this would not have been a good talking point.

I don’t know how to deal with the facts reported without making our community/movement appear anti-religious, but it is clear that religion is anti-us.

But why have I not heard, for instance, that Texas already allows special rights for one religious group, Muslims, while it attacks another religious group, Mormons, over the same issue: marriage and children’s and women’s rights?

With the risk of sounding racist, I do want to hear how the black, heterosexual, male preachers, who worked with the Mormons to keep homosexuals from equal marital rights, using the Bible, explain (knowing that Mormons didn’t allow blacks equal rights in their church for many years) what they now think about the Mormon’s integrity. And do they agree that Muslims should be allowed to have more than one wife and, in some cases, put their extra wives on welfare?

Where do we place this problem in America’s list of problems, the war against Radical Islamist terrorists, the financial failures, etc.?

Thank you for letting us know of this deceit of the Mormons — as if we were not already aware of their lies, etc. But please help us know your thoughts on what we can do to stop this threat to our American way of life, by religious fanatics of all types, all of whom, of course, hate homosexuals.

Billy Glover
Co-founder of the Homosexual Information Center


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