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Why people love and leave West Hollywood

Billy GloverAugust 22, 2008.

To the Editor of WeHo News:

I think I understand the feelings of George Reese on trying to understand the people who come to WeHo, usually with some reason in mind, stay a while, can’t seem to feel they belong, then leave, and to explain their “failure” blame the people who have lived there for years.

How many of these people are “gay?” Although it isn’t mentioned, is money a problem? I’m sure living costs in So Cal are high. And if it is hard to find friends, that is hard too. But if they left somewhere else, that should give them a clue to look at themselves.

I lived in L.A. for over 30 years, still love it, and still find it worthwhile to read WeHo News, Los Angeles Magazine (have you seen the current issue — a very anti-establishment issue even with the lead article on finding the best school for kids) and the Los Angeles Times.

The obvious answer to feeling a part of somewhere or some group is to JOIN and work. You do some good and meet people. If you have come to a gay-friendly city and can’t find some organization to join, you have a problem being “gay.” I wonder, for instance, how many women, and men, have visited the Mazer Archives there?

But what is wrong with young people moving around while they have the chance and enjoying lots of cities? Reading gay/lesbian publications, such as Lesbian Connection — women seem to be good at talking among themselves about how they feel about where they live — and publications aimed at people with special interest, such as RFD and Maize, aimed at people living in smaller towns, rural areas and in communes. I think it would be fun to experience living in Santa Fe, then Palm Springs, then Fort Lauderdale, etc.

The only issue is if you feel when you leave that you have to explain why you were not staying.


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