Monday, May 29th, 2023

Regarding a Mormon with 10 kids…

Billy Glover…who voted to stop medicaid while he is on it.

October 22, 2013.

If I heard right, on the O’Donnell show on MSNBC last night (in ReWrite?), he said that a representative, maybe from Utah, a Mormon, with 10 kids, voted to end Medicaid and all government, including help to the poor etc, but his 10 kids are on welfare—they are on Medicaid.

He claims to be a conservative and Libertarian. I think he is opposed to driver licenses, etc. I think the name is Greg Collette. I wonder if others have heard of this hypocrite.

And, it is a slam against the Mormon church since their selling point is that, if you are a member, the church will take care of you and your family and you don’t need government support.

I am thinking that this makes one of our “problems” a generic one as one of the main hindrances to our gaining support and our full civil rights is closet queens, people who secretly have homosexual acts, but for some reason, self-hate, political gain, keeping a job, etc., work against the effort. This man says and votes to stop everyone from getting help from the government, except him and his family—do the voters know he is on the welfare that he preachers against?

That was one of the reasons some people in the movement supported “outing.”

It is one thing to be in the closet and not support our efforts. It is something else to be secretly enjoying homosexuality and then work to keep us from having our rights. Being on welfare and voting against it for others is the same thing.

While this man and family are a disgrace, as is the Mormon Church, the blame goes to the voters of his district. And that is true of LGBT people who either don’t vote or vote and support a politician or business that is anti-gay.


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