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Troy Perry, Barry Obama—we minorities have the same problems

Billy GloverAugust 22, 2010.

This is a sermon to Rev. Troy Perry and President Obama about the religious bigots who attack both men and their supporters over their religious beliefs: Both are viewed by “religious” leaders of the dominant religions as “other.”

Right-wingers are questioning the religion of Obama, as they have questioned the “religion” of homosexuals, especially those who form separate churches, mainly the Metropolitan Community Church, and founder Troy Perry.

Obama can’t win, even more so than Christian homosexual Americans. If he is a Christian, as he is, it is said, to not be the “right” church, and what is his church, etc.? If he is accused of secretly being a Muslim, which he is not, then he is surely considered to be a “different” American.

The same people pushing this agenda say the same thing about homosexual/LGBT Christians. They find quotes, out of context, thus misusing their Bible or Koran, to condemn those whose sexuality or religion differs from theirs — just as those falsely “accused” of being homosexual or Muslim are in a position of being wrong no matter how they answer — since even if they “deny” being either they then seem to be agreeing that being either is “bad.”

The “issue” of the proposed mosque at “ground zero” in New York has confused the issue even more. But it is important to say that those who have compared the objection to building where the mosque/center would be to how “Christians” handled the KKK are right.

KKKlanNovThe point is that those objecting (including this writer, but for obviously other reasons — I am homosexual and the Islamic people want to kill me). But we must never forget that, if we want “moderate” Muslims to speak out against the radical ones who want to destroy our nation and civilization, then we need to have “moderate” Christians speak out against extremists who want to take away the civil rights of minorities, including homosexual Americans.

And the issue of the KKK is the best proof that in most of history “Christians” did not do “What Jesus would do.” The vast majority of “Christians” did not only not speak out against the KKK and White Citizens Councils, most of the members were “Christian” including preachers, cops, and politicians — some were all three.

And moderate religious people have not spoken against the violence — verbal and physical — against homosexual Americans.

And the issue of same-sex marriage is the same as the issue of inter-racial marriage — which has to be admitted by Obama. The lies bigots used to oppose inter-racial marriage (protecting children of such marriages being a major point) are the same lies used to oppose same-sex marriage. It goes without saying that President Obama is proof that children of such marriages can do okay.

And the same arguments against homosexuals serving openly in the Armed Forces were used to try to stop the racial integration of the military.

So I urge the two men to get together and answer the lies of bigots and show the vast majority of good American citizens that facts of the matter — truthiness — despite Stephen Colbert’s fun with it — is not something a great nation can use as a guide.


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  1. Mike Crowe, Houston

    Mr. Glover:I read your article on Troy Perry and Obama and feel compelled to reply. Firstly, what would you do without the “Rightwinger” label? Second, why wouldn’t Americans question Obama’s religion when his mentor for 20 years was Jeremiah Wright and he grew up in Muslim countries and traveled to Pakistan for about 6 weeks during a college break. He even referenced his Muslim faith when interviewed by George Stephanopoulos in 2008. There’s not much else to go on, Mr. Glover, when Obama seals his records and constructs his background for the public to view through the sale of 2 books. There’s curiosity if he even attended Columbia Univ since no one in that graduating class recalls Obama being there…and he’s not in the 1983 yearbook. Strange, but not earthshaking.Even if Obama were Muslim, so what? Why would we care? Could it reveal that Obama is not “one of us” and suggest that he does not have a family tree in America and does not appreciate the sacrifices and bravery of our Founding Fathers? That’s just crazy talk. But if you ever do hear him quote the Founding Fathers, let me know.Your broad swipes at Christians on multiple policy fronts are so old and so worn out, I was only hoping for a quote from a current elected official (a Rightwinger) to drive home your point. But it wasn’t meant to be. You offered none. Let me know when you find one.You besmirch Christian history without knowing it. Did you know that more than half the world’s babies born in hospitals up to the year 2000 were born in Christian/Catholic hospitals? Did you know the origins of Catholic Charities, Covenant House, Salvation Army, The Red Cross and dozens of other charities are Christian? Have you ever written a paragraph of admiration about these or of Mother Theresa? When you do, let me know.I wonder, Mr. Glover, if you are aware that segregation of our military troops occurred as a result of the pen in the hand of Woodrow Wilson, Democrat? That water fountains were separate for blacks and whites by that same president? Yes, WW was a Democrat and a racist.I think it’s time, Billy, you take a good look at the merchandise in the White House you’re trying to push. BHO is the least qualified man in any room in which he walks. He has never held a job in the private sector that required as much as a cardboard hat. He has never made change as a cashier. He’s never run a business. He’s never produced anything with his hands.Did the Cambridge Police Dept act stupidly? Does it matter that Obama bypasses Congress to enforce EPA regulations on Americans and to appoint a leftist, Dr. Berwick, who is so liberal, Obama did not want a Senate Committee to hold hearings to confirm him? He is charged with managing the enforcement of Obamacare regulations that includes 16,000 new IRS agents? How friendly that will be, eh? Berwick’s quotes are legendary, referring to Socialized medicine as a means of “redistributing wealth.” His words, not mine. Google it, if you doubt me.There are too many career politicians in Washington. Harry Reid and Timothy Geitner, for example, never spent a day in the private sector. I’d sooner kick out every incumbent no matter of party label, but I doubt you’d agree to the same. You, I bet, will die with a Democrat label pinned on your lapel, no matter their failed policies and no matter how much they spend. Debt doesn’t matter because it’s our guys doing the spending, right?As author William F. Buckley famously said, “I’d rather be governed by the first 537 names in the Boston White Pages than by those we send to Washington every 2 years.” I trust you can figure the math. When you do, let me know.Regards,Mike CroweHoustonSept. 7, 2010

  2. Billy Glover

    I find your reaction to my email very queer. You find items I never covered in that simple message. As we have worked to educate the public on issues of homosexuality since 1950 our main enemies have been closet queens and people who have an agenda and thus “find” messages in our work that are not there-there is a term for such people. Facts do matter. We have been successful.It is one thing to disagree with me or Obama on issues, but to question someone’s religion is unAmerican. And as someone who was able to devote his entire life to a unpopular cause, I am well aware of the failures of all religions, all political parties, and the media and academia. They were ALL wrong about homosexuality. They will change, not us. Most have already changed. And we live in a nation that does not allow anyone to dictate ot others what their religion, politics or sexuality, etc will be.Sept. 8, 2010

  3. Mike Crowe, Houston

    Queer? “our main enemies”?Your main enemies are militant Muslims who would like to cut off your head because you are gay. Is that worthy of labeling an enemy of the highest order?Questioning Obama’s religion is only due to his behavior and his words. His defense of Islam at every turn. His bowing to Middle East leaders …now that’s odd and touring of Mosques. His recent effort to send US taxpayer’s money to fund the restoration of Mosques around the world. I bet you find that normal. His reference to America as “no longer a Christian nation.” That is patently untrue. Our Founders’ own words, their writings, the Founding documents, and all of Washington DC’s historical buildings and monuments amplify my point. So yes, questioning out of curiosity is perfectly normal human behavior. Just like when you question Bush’s intelligence, no?If a religion finds homosexuality wrong, it does not mean the people hate gays. It doesn’t mean they would like to drive over them and shoot them, although there are evil idiots in every town who do such things. It means they hate the act, of sin, perhaps. But that’s what they believe and they choose to live by the rules–or many try to live by them. But I would argue that the gay community does a poor job marketing itself. We do nothing for places like Covenant House or elderly people. We have laser-beam focus on ourselves. Religion and faith are not about oneself. It is about a higher purpose. But I am convinced the religion of many gays IS themselves.An old saying: “A Man convinced against his will is not convinced.” So until you win over people with constructive ideas and reasons for agreeing with you, then your cause will hit a ceiling on support–although I agree the demographics are in your favor over time. My only question is, what happens AFTER gay marriage passes? Is that it? What is the next thing to complain about? It seems we have way too many complainers who get off with name-calling.I’m not trying to be confrontational, but I don’t see why all gays have to think the same way.Regards,Mike CroweSept. 8, 2010

  4. Billy Glover

    Again you are talking to the wrong person-I agree with most of what you say and we have said this since 1952 in ONE Magazine, and HIC. I will find and send you an email I sent out that covers, to my thinking, a little of what you are thinking about Islam.But what makes ONE/HIC different is that we did NOT care about “marketing,” and we still use the word homosexual for the very reason that we do not try to make our work more “acceptable.” Using the word gay to hide our sexuality is deceitful. It is a good word when used, say as in gay bar. Glance at our website: tangentgroup.orgAnd from the start the movement was concerned with what you mention. Are you aware that the wild dreams of the founders are actually coming true-specifically the issue of the elderly and poor-if you visit Los Angeles, go to see Triangle Square in Hollywood, housing thought of by ONE founders in 1952. They actually started briefly the Church of ONE Brotherhood-which they then stopped as it was costing too much in time, energy and money and the main purpose was publishing the magazine, then starting the Institute to educate people.There are resources for every aspect of homosexuality. This cause grew for ONE organization functioning in 1952 (having come out of the secret Mattachine) to hundreds of organizations and publications covering the community/movement. And, to answer your (I find them strange unless you are a young person) “concerns’ about President Obama, his religion and/or politics, I will point out the real world we have worked in since the start-I joined the work in 1959. The fact is that we have made slow and constant progress since the meetings in 1950, no matter who was president, or what the media said or didn’t say. And we had to change the views, based on people who were incompetent and unethical, of all professions-it is interesting that in about 50 years we went from being sick, sinful and criminal to some of the most important people and work in America-no matter what you think of Barney Frank, Ellen, Elton, and apparently a closet queen named Ken Mehlman.There is an organization to serve young homosexual boys and girls-GLSEN, to serve children with glbt parents, and PFLAG to serve parents with lgbt children. Lambda Legal, etc to serve legal needs-ironically NOT the legal people behind the Prop 8 case in California. GLMA to serve both medical doctors and patient care of glbt people (Gay & Lesbian medical Assn). There are Stonewall groups for Democrats, and several lgbt groups for Republicans. There are MCC churches for lgbt people, and groups in every church/religion for those working to change the views of those institutions. There are Gay Days at major entertainment places and you can’t find a tv channel that does not have gay-friendly shows. The media, for whatever reason had ignored us until the Stonewall “Uprising” in 1969, and suddenly they thought they had invented homosexuality and have exploited it since.History may not be accurately written and recorded, but there is no way a honest history can be written about the last 60 years of this nation without recording the slow progress for civil/equal rights of all three major civil rights movements, women’s, black’s and homosexuals- which became glbt.Sept. 8, 2010

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