Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Transgender Archives Conference

Billy GloverAugust 14, 2013.

Dallas Denny writes:

There’s a conference on transgender archives next year [at the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria, British Columbia]—the first ever. I’ll be speaking there.

I hope one thing that will come out of it will be some sort of alliance or group so the various libraries and archives can communicate with one another and share duplicate copies. There are more gay/lesbian/bisexual archives than trans conferences. I hope something similar will happen.

I’m trying to visit the trans archives as I can. Last year I visited the LGBT Community Center in New York. I hope to make trips to Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in the next few years, as I can afford it.

That is great good news—and glad you are speaking and visiting our community archives. I think some rich LGBT people should set up a fund to fund someone to get groups connected—such as archives, centers. I hope the meeting gets coverage, and our media gives us the results.



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