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What we may do when we win marriage

Billy GloverNovember 6, 2009.

After the loss in Maine, I hear once again how the right-wingers put fear of homosexuals taking over the schools and ruining marriage if they/we win marriage, etc. And somehow we didn’t refute those false claims.

Well, as some, mainly lesbians, have said already — yes we are after your kids. The obvious meaning is clearer when it is women saying that as it doesn’t have the child-molester sound to it. And what we mean is, well, why shouldn’t children be taught that homosexuals/LGBT people exist and that some of their friends will have same sex parents?

And we deserve equal rights, no matter what term is used.

The same objectors to our cause used the same objections when civil rights for black Americans were being taught in schools. And when it was taught that women should have the right to vote.

We must not run from the truth. An LGBT child in school should be protected from bigotry and from teachers and textbooks that deny us our very existence.

And while we have no problem with a religious organization, such as Scientology or Mormons or Catholics believing their version of “marriage” is right and ours wrong, the time has come to stop them from making religious rules info laws — legal rules for all citizens.


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  1. beau

    Here, here. It’s a discouraging setback for those of us without your perspective of time. I want change today, but the older I get, the more I realize that I in my lifetime am only part of a change that will continue long after I’ve left this world.

    Thanks for caring for so long.

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