Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Letter in current issue of Lesbian Connection

Billy GloverOctober 14, 2010.

I thought of you and your work with kinship when I read some thoughts in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Lesbian Connection — sent for our library/movement work/info — and hope I understood it correctly. (I read too fast sometimes, and too many different things each day and worry about the things I am not seeing and hearing about.)

If I understand it, a lesbian couple met first years ago at church camp when they were about 16. They met again years later when one was a student minister (1987) in rural Alberta, Canada, at a conference and the other was there as a social justice worker with youth.

Now they have become parents and have won a trip to the Grand Caymans for an article on how they met (in a Homemakers Magazine, online essay). The problem is that there is a sexual question about the Islands, but they have been assured it is okay, and they will not have trouble for their sexuality. (Kim McKellar, of Lions Head, Ontario, doesn’t say what church involved.)


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